Enabling better financial decisions
through software solutions
so you can live a better life

Welcome to Fichest!

Fichest was born in 2018 from the passion to enable people to control their money and build their wealth.

Our ultimate goal is to simplify Australian personal finance management. This enables clarity with your numbers so you can live a better life on your terms.

The Fichest wealth management tools and resources help Aussies to become financially literate, in control of their money and prospering with wealth.

When we enable you to master your finances then you can control and live a better life.

Our Founder

Fichest was founded by Joseph Chesterton who is a millennial entrepreneur and investor from Brisbane, Australia. He has owned and operated businesses since he was 13 years old.

I originally built this as a simple tool to help a friend, who had no clue with managing money, get on track with his finances. It changed his life.

I adapted it to track my investments and wealth growth. That's when I knew that many other Australians would benefit from a tool like this too.

The foundations of that tool has grown and evolved into what Fichest is today. I'm happy knowing that the resources we have built are now helping countless other Australians track and progress their finances too.

Joseph Chesterton